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Where's the ReMida-Bot?

Last sighted Tuesday morning posing for the ReMida seasonal banners, the ReMida-bot has vanished, and Roscoe the Warehousiasm has taken its place.

The ReMida-Bot first appeared in 2016, assembling itself from an array of e-waste materials scattered around ReMida. Since then, it has snuck its way onto everything from our flyers to the 20th Anniversary t-shirts. Most recently, the Bot moved into its new home at reception to keep a proud and watchful eye on the materials as they enter and leave ReMida Perth.

Yesterday morning, the Bot wandered upstairs to collaborate (take over) the new seasonal Facebook Banners. After two pots of coffee and some not-always-useful creative direction, the Bot wandered back downstairs, or so we thought.

Early this morning, we discovered Roscoe standing guard in the Bot’s usual haunt, but there was no trace of the ReMida-Bot. It seems the Bot has decided to explore the world beyond ReMida, so there may be sightings in the wild, but who knows for sure.

To encourage the Bot’s return, create your own wanted poster, picture or postcard detailing the Bot’s adventures and send them to PO BOX 340, Leederville 6903, share them on Facebook Book and Instagram with the hashtag #wherestheremidabot or email them to We are pretty sure the ReMida-Bot is watching our social media, so it may wander home if it gets enough attention.

Help bring the ReMida-Bot home. We are counting on you.

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1 kommentti

4 days ago

I wonder what kind of adventures the REmida-bot is having? I look forward to sharing my student's creations to help bring the bot back home!

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