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Become  a Member of ReMida Perth

An association dedicated to the development of positive environmental, arts and education outcomes in WA.

100% of the membership fees support REmida's programs and services.

REMida operates on a trust basis supported by a fair-use Policy. You can support us and our membership community by only collecting materials for your or your centre's use.

Members of REmida Perth can access the materials (and the collection program). The collections program is based on the likely volume of materials collected per year under a given category. For example, a Home/Hobbyist will use fewer materials than a whole school because more people use the materials when you're a school.

Likewise, an emerging artist will likely use fewer materials than a professional artist that runs workshops and sells items online.

Memberships to REmida Perth Inc. are an annual fee and run for 12 months from the date payment is received. You will normally get a renewal invoice (reminder) 4-6 weeks before the next year's fee is due.

As a member, you can participate in the AGM and help shape the organisation's future. Our annual reports can be found under the Identity tab.

Once you have paid your membership, you can collect as often as you need throughout the year. We just ask that you don't collect more materials than you need for your projects.

Browse the shop to find the membership category that is right for you.


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