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Custom Art Works and Commissions

Showcase your commitment to sustainable practices with a custom sculpture, center piece or conference gifts.

Sustainably created art pieces are a great way to attract attention to your space or event. Whether its large installation, a table center piece, conference giveaway of festival, a ReMida artwork provides a one-of-a-kind visual experience.

ReMida can design a temporary or permanent installation, sculptures, festival attraction or smaller items to be used for gifts. 

How it works

After the initial conversation, ReMida will send through a quote detailing costs and timeframes.

After the initial conversation, ReMida will send through a quote outling costs and time frames, some points to note: - For larger projects, a 25% deposit is needed to commence your build. - For complex designs, we encourage the build of a prototype before the final agreement is reached; this is a great way to ensure the final product is fit to purpose. The fee for prototyping is based on the overall complexity of the fina design, and whether the prototype needs to be at 1:1 scale. - Once the build has commenced, the deposit is non-refundable.

Previous Commissions

 2022 Conference Dinner Centre Piece

Handcrafted vases made with repurposed plastics.

ReMida crafted 25 vases, designed for dried flowers, made with repurposed plastics. The vases were then used as center pieces for the Waste Sorted Awards dinner.


 2021 Silver Web Install 

A combination of a fixed installation and maker space

The silver web is one of our most popular festival and event installs as it is visually engaging and is good for inside or outdoors. As part of the uninstalling the web, we bundle in into sheets to maximise the materials reuse for other projects.

Scitech Process photos (35).jpeg
Scitech Process photos (37).jpeg
Scitech Process photos (39).jpeg

 2020 Sustainable Christmas Trees 

Two different types of public art-based Christmas tree

The Christmas trees have a three or four panel design and can also be illuminated to maximise their impact at night.


 2020 ARTTRA - City of Claremont

Installation for the City's light festival

The sliver web at night, complete with cardboard spiders, and amazing collaboration with local artist Sacha Barker.

ARTTRA Light Festival Claremont (4).jpeg
ARTTRA Light Festival Claremont (3).png
ARTTRA Light Festival Claremont (2).jpeg
ARTTRA Light Festival Claremont (12).jpeg

2019 Sustainability Showcase - Hawaiian Shopping Centres

Celebrating reuse

The brief was to incorporate the Hawaiian logo to highlight the items being discarded and repurposed at the centre; the community also had a chance to engage in maker sessions across the week.

IMG_0788 2q.JPG
IMG_0789 2q.JPG
IMG_0790 2q.JPG
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