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Primary School
STEM (STEAM) Incursions

New Inculsions 

Open-ended Maker Session

90Minute Session


 The session encourages a free-form creative process as participants apply their imagination in a non-directed maker experience.

The facilitator works alongside participants as they move from their initial ideas to creating a finished piece.

The session is great for participants of all ages, and if you are looking for a new ReMida workshop experience, as its overall complexity is based on the specific needs of the group making the booking.

The Secret Properties of Things

90Minute Session

Will a material float? Is it reflective? Does the colour change when a light is shone through it? Why do these changes occur?

The Secret Properties of Things encourages participants to ask questions about materials as they explore their potential and limitations through a series of guided explorations.

These sessions can be matched to the focus of your class' science, engineering and technology lessons to extend their learning through a non-maker, scientific exploration of a given material's inner life.


Incursion and Excursion Offerings