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 Projects with ReMida Perth

Each year, ReMida embarks on a number of projects and collaborations across its materials, arts and education programs.

 2024 - City of Vincent Event Funding

Details coming soon.

 2024 - Mandurah Arts Festival

The Mysterious Fort of Reclaimed Things

Details coming soon.


 2022-2024 - Storytellers

Storytellers will collect 1000 stories from individuals, families, and groups, which will then be showcased through a range of mediums. 

The Project will achieve 7 primary and 3 secondary outcomes.

Primary Outcomes
1. Support the WA community by sharing their stories in a way relevant to their lived experience.
2. Generate opportunities for connectedness by delivering workshops in various community settings.
3. Deliver 6 in-person regional and remote sessions.
4. Exhibit the stories in various venues based on their formation (i.e. visually, performance, written, electronic).
5. Create an ongoing exhibition format to display the works beyond the Project's life.
6. Collect a minimum of 1000 stories to serve as the foundation of the Project and its exhibitions.
7. Create a symbo-mythic snapshot of Life in WA.
Secondary Outcomes
8. Support the development of participants' literacy skills.
9. Introduce participants to waste-wise reuse methodology in their creative practice.
10. Extend participants' understanding of storytelling's positive benefits on mental health.

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 2022 - GREAT with Purpose

Proudly Supported by the Department of Water and Environment Regulation, Waste Sorted grant scheme, grant allocation $23,520


Due to the ongoing nature of this project, it has its own page, please click here for more details.

GWP TK Cover.png

Sustainable Arts and Community Showcase

Proudly supported by the City of Stirling thorough the Community Arts and Events Fund.

Grant allocation $15,000


The sustainable community arts show case is a partnership between REmida will an local artists to demonstrate a range of techniques and opportunities for turning discarded items into beautiful, purposeful items. 

Workshops will held in four community based locations (hubs) within the City of Stirling; Scarborough, Inglewood, Mirrabooka, and Osborne Park. 

The project is aimed for people of all ages and abilities and is designed around an inclusive framework that supports participation for indigenous and culturally and linguistically diverse communities.

The Project in Process: A Visual Diary

Through the sessions, we looked for a way to capture the essence of the experience without being invasive. We decided to work visually and capture moments whenever it felt right to do so. There were some occasions, where even the pictures felt intrusive so we captured images of the artworks, rather than making participants feel uncomfortable.

When the exhibition opened in late June, we had over 50 individual art works, from artists aged 4 to numbers much, much greater than 4 (but what's in a number?). AS you look through the visual diary, you get a real sense of the energy and dedication of the participants through each of the sessions.

But what about COVID?

The first part of the year was tough, and the social distancing requirements, the broader spread of COVID and a desire to keep everyone safe definitely had an impact. But rather than focus on the struggles, the artists and community produced some amazing pieces and everyone involved has cause to be justifiably proud by what they achieved.

Hit me with some stats

14 sessions were delivered at different locations within the City of Stirling.

A total of 315 people were reached through the project.

98% of materials were sustainable sourced-the other 2% were workshop specific fixings.

95% of the waste generated (offcuts from the making process) stayed out of landfill.

54 individual contributions for the showcase, an average of 1-in-6 participants had work exhibited.

Only two sessions were cancelled, one due to COVID and another for a building related glitch.

3 sessions focused on engaging with the community in and around Mirrabooka.

The year 11 and 12 art and design students for Balga Senior Highschool engaged in a sculpture prototyping workshop using project materials.

The works were initially exhibited at the Inglewood Library from the 2th of June to the 4th of July.

The works are currently on display at ReMida Perth.

Any unclaimed works will become a part of ReMida's ongoing gallery.

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 2020 - 2021- The Synchronicitree

Proudly supported by Lotterywest.

Grant allocation $9,900


The Synchronicitree is a way to extend messages of hope and wellbeing to people struggling in a COVID and post-COVID world. Funded by Lotterywest in 2020, the project offers people the chance to connect with others in Perth and around the world in a creative, fun and meaningful way.

The tree, designed and built by REmida's own Dr. Paul will travel to different locations over on 2021 and 2022, and we are hoping for one of those stops to be Reggio Emilia, which is also very exciting.

Along with the tree are a series of blank cards upon which people are encouraged to write messages of hope and positivity. The cards and the tree are then collected before moving on to its next location. We gather up the cards and then send them to people as anonymous tokens messages of hope and goodwill, along with a small gift made via our Jellyfish Plastics project.

The first 30 cards, many of which were made during the sculpture's time at Nido Willeton, found their way to the Pilbara and surrounding areas thanks to the support of the YMCA children's services. So keep you eyes open for the tree and the cards and let's help the Synchronicitree blossom into something truly amazing.

Tree sculpture.jpg
t 4.jpg

2020 - ARTTRA: Town of Clarmont

ARTTRA Light Festival Claremont (3).jpeg
ARTTRA Light Festival Claremont (12).jpeg

ReMida Collaborated with artist Sacha Barker in the creation of a Silver Web canopy at Claremont Park; this was an amazing weekend and Sacha did an amazing job in prototyping the web and preparing the logistics for its installation. ReMida closed up shop for the day, and the entire team was on deck to hang the web in the canopy of some very tall trees.

ARTTRA Light Festival Claremont (5).jpeg

2020 - COVID Resilience Funding

Proudly supported by Lotterywest.

Grant allocation $12,200


REmida was fortunate to secure funding future proof its education program by developing online formats for its sessions. Alongside this, we were able to deliver a number of free arts and education sessions to the Homeschoolers WA network.

It was a great project, with the bulk of the education sessions delivered in October 2020.

The support we received for the education program helped it weather the challenges presented by the COVID pandemic in that first year.

2020 - Sustainable Christmas

Proudly supported by the City of Stirling Community Arts fund.

Grant allocation $10,000


The Sustainable Christmas project had two parts; first, a series of workshops to make sustainably-based Christmas tree decorations; and secondly, a Christmas tree designed for outdoor display upon which the community made decorations were displayed.

Both the workshops and the Christmas tree were very popular and supported a broader message of keeping a sustainable mindset throughout the Christmas/holiday season.

The Christmas tree was displayed at the Inglewood Nook for five weeks and people had the opportunity to add their own decorations to the tree through this time.


2019 - Eco Christmas TRee

Proudly supported by the City of Vincent Community Events fund.

Grant allocation $11,000

The Eco Christmas Tree took center stage at the Beaufort St Plaza for five weeks across December 2019 and January 2020.

The tree was designed and constructed by Paul, Doug with decoration prototypes completed by Sacha and the volunteers. The three-panel tree was illuminated from within by fairy lights and decorated with materials that ReMida had diverted from landfill. A crucial part of the trees design was its modular design, which allowed for its deconstruction and storage for future Christmas displays.

The opening (unveiling) of the tree was an amazing event and we are very grateful to the Mayor and councilors and council staff for bringing the project to life.


Jellyfish Plastics

Proudly supported by the Department of Water and Environment Regulation

Community and Industry Engagement Program.

Grant allocation $ 127,530

jellyfish by remida w stroke.jpg

Jellyfish Plastics is now an ongoing part of ReMida's environmental stewardship program. You can learn more here.

Smith Family: Arts Diversion

Proudly support through the SmArt's program.

Grant allocation $4,925

The SmArts funding supported a 10 week diversion program that gave students a change to explore a range of art styles within a studio context. The project was aimed at students who had struggled in a mainstream classroom setting.

The project culminated in an exhibition and sustainable fashion show held at REmida.

Of all the art styles, jewelry making and sustainable fashion were the two favorite activities, with students hosting a weekly fashion show based on their creations.

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