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Repurpose with Purpose at ReMida Perth

At ReMida, we believe that waste generation is a behaviour and that behaviours can change.

There are three key elements within our environmental stewardship ethos.

1. Actively seek value in any item you're about to discard.

2. Build on your good habits towards better ones.

3. Make a start, find something you can change and take that step.

Plastic Diversion with
Jellyfish Plastics

jellyfish by remida w stroke.jpg

Jellyfish Plastics repurposes plastics bottle caps into a rand of simple to make, signle plastic items. And the best thing, if you're item breaks, or you'd like something else, it can be remoulded into another item. Something made with Jellyfish Plastics can remain out of landfill indefinitely. ReMida gratefully acknowledges the support of the Waste Authority and the grant monies received i 2018 that made the project possible.


When the Jellyfish Plastics first launched, we used two narratives, short poems, to explain the heart of what we were trying to do, you can read and download them here.


Plastic Diverson Stats Year Volume 2019-2020 4723 litres 2021 3002 litres

 ReMida's Material Diversion Program

ReMida collects unused and discarded items from businesses, industry and the community. Our aim is to reduce the volume of items of value entering landfill.

Material Diversion Stats

The items we take are directly repurposed into education and arts programs. 

You can learn more about on materials and collections here.


Material Diverson Stats Year Cm3 Hours 2012 256 2013 259 2014 411 560 2015 401 502 2016 337 535 2017 280 318 2018 197 229 2019 460 317 2020 249 238


Sustainable Development Goals


While each of the SDGs are crucial, ReMida focuses on principally on 4 goals

Goal 4. Quality Education

Goal 11. Sustainable Cities and Communities

Goal 12. Responsible Consumption and Production

Goal 13. Climate Action

To discover how ReMida translates these goals into action, download a copy of the GREAT with Purpose Toolkit here.

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