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High School Sessions

Advanced Art and Design

90Minute Session


Explore the techniques, opportunities and challenges of working in non-traditional materials.

Throughout the session, students are taken through a series of art—or design-based activities intended to stretch their creative and problem-solving skills.

The sessions can be streamed into generating either design-based concept art or working through creating a small artefact that can go towards their portfolios.

During the booking process, you have the opportunity to individually tailor the session to meet your student's needs.

Vocational Session: Introduction to working as an artist.

90Minute Session

The session offers students the chance to explore what it is like to work as a professional creative. The workshop covers both establishing yourself as an independent artist and working as a creative within a larger team.

Please note, this is predominantly a discussion-based session that explores different aspects and challenges of working as a professional creative. 

The session is aimed at students in year 10 and above and encourages students to think about their educational pathways as they consider pursuing a career as a professional creative.


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Highschool Sessions
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To ensure we meet our supervision requirements, you will need to provide; 1 adult helper for every 4 children, aged 3-5 or, 1 adult helper for every 6 children, aged 6-8, or 1 adult helper for every 10 children, aged 9-12.

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