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The ReMida-Bot has been busy Pt1.

Thanks to the superstars of Apiri Primary School, the ReMida-Bot has been sighted worldwide. From playing basketball to visiting Paris, to being a wanted fugitive, the ReMida-Bot has been busy since its last sighting at ReMida several weeks ago.

We suspect the ReMida-Bot is nearby, as we've caught glimpses of it near the building. But much like the Loch Ness Monster and Big Foot, these reports are unconfirmed. Roscoe, who's been keeping the ReMida-Bot's home safe, may well be ready for a vacation if the Bot ever makes it home.

BZZZ-XRTZ-BZZZZ-FZJKI_run.translate/human speak.dir/execute:C. To the humans of Apsiri Primary School...BZXRT...Thank you, friend humans, way home will go soon-BZZZ-RTX...Present, find, may, you, soon, peeled, keep, eyes...BZZZ-XRTZ_end message.

Well, it looks like Apsiri Primary School may be the ReMida-Bots' final stop before it makes its way home—or maybe it's already been. I can't keep up.

Stay tuned for part 2, which will be released Monday, to see if the ReMida-Bot finally makes it home.

In the mean time, enjoy the works that inspired the ReMida-Bot to come on home (we hope).

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