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June Education Update

Well, it is June. Aside from the end of the financial year, looming invitations to Christmas in July, and lots of rain (depending on your hemisphere), we are also pleased to share our mid-year Education update. First, if you have not made a school holiday booking for your Centre, do not forget that we are now only 4 weeks away from the mid-year break. Sessions are still available at your location and ReMida, but some days are booked solid.

We have a dedicated school holiday booking page, which you can find here. Along with the ever-popular Scrapyard Trolls, a great all ages activity, we have new offerings for those who may have booked a session with us earlier in the year.

We also have two sets of brand-new offerings. The first are the Open-ended Maker and The Secret Properties of Things. These sessions are great for people of all ages, as the facilitator can adjust the complexity of the builds or explorations as needed. Unlike the classic Junk Bugs, Marble Runs and Wheels and Gears-styled sessions, the new offerings will challenge the student’s imagination to make, explore, build, and discover without a fixed result in mind.

Alongside these two new sessions, we have launched our high school-focused workshops that cover two broad streams. The first is an Art and Design-themed session that introduces students to the challenges and opportunities of working with non-traditional materials. The facilitator directs the session towards design and critical thinking skills as the students work to bridge the gap between their intended creation and what the materials will allow. During the booking process, you can request that these sessions produce concept pieces for a student's end-of-year portfolio or as a prelude to creating a more elaborate art/design piece from ReMida materials. ReMida also offers a Vocation-based workshop that explores what it means to work as a professional creative, independently or as part of a larger creative team. Please note that the Vocation workshops are discussion-oriented and do not have a maker component.

June is a wonderful time to check out the classic and new workshop offerings, get an early jump on school holidays, or start early on your Science and Book Week preparations. The updated education offerings can be found here. As always, please let us know if you have any questions.


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