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There are three parts to ReMida's education program. First, we have our Early Years Play Experience, inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach to material play. Second, our STEM/STEAM-based sessions include our always popular Junk Bugs, Marble Runs, Wheels and Gears offerings, and many others. Third, our Professional Learning sessions teach educators and artists how to apply the principles of Reggio Emilia and ReMida's material philosophy in their contexts.

Play Experience

Our Play Experiences offer a range of Reggio-inspired, sensory interactions for children between six months and five years. Children can explore a range of carefully selected materials that facilitate inquiry, problem-solving and motor skills within a safe and facilitator-guided session. Although these sessions are perfect for an Early Years cohort, we can adapt them to provide sensory experiences to people of all ages. The Play Experiences let children and educators interact with an exciting array of materials, which are great for building, investigating, and activating their curiosity. Sessions run for 45 minutes for groups of up to 15 children. The smaller group size allows each child to maximise their enjoyment of the experience.

STEM and STEAM-based Workshops

ReMida’s workshops are ACER accredited, and links to the WA curriculum are also possible. If you have a specific learning area or focus for a term, you can always speak to the education team about adjusting the session to harmonise with your classroom needs. A helpful video on our website explains how the sessions run and what we need from you to make them a success: Education Sessions | REmida WA. While we list the STEM/STEAM sessions under their nominated learning area, you are always welcome to mix and match them to craft your preferred learning experience. As part of your workshop experience, students can make their creations without using glue, sticky tape, paint, or glitter. While this can seem daunting initially, it encourages students to think more broadly about how objects fit together, and the results are always amazing. We also include a waste challenge to encourage

students to think carefully about their material choices.

Professional Learnings

There are two streams to our Professional Learning sessions. The Reggio-inspired sessions focus on early years centres and educators, and the Provocation series focuses on the practical use of ReMida materials in crafting STEM/STEAM-based learning experiences. Each stream has a strong focus on helping educators become more comfortable in the use of non-traditional materials in their learning for the creation of exciting and meaningful learning experiences. We can adjust the context of the professional learning sessions to reflect the skills and expertise of your staff team and the needs of your specific learning context. We can deliver the sessions at your location; evening sessions are available on Tuesdays and Thursdays; Saturday morning sessions are available at ReMida on a per-booking basis. Subscribe to the website and Facebook page, and you’ll be the first to learn about some exciting changes to the professional learning program coming later in 2024.

If you’d like to learn more about the education offerings, prices, and availability, check out the website Education Sessions | REmida WA or email the education team at

Have a great and creative week.

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Our school has Loose Parts Play for ECE and lower primary. We then introduced it to our upper primary students, it was wonderful to watch them engage with the different large materials sourced from ReMida!

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