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Jellyfish Plastics by ReMida

How precious could our plastics be, if they never reach the sea?

Jellyfish Plastics by REmida est. 2018, is a Precious Plastics inspired model of community-based plastics reuse. Our project focuses on transforming plastic bottle caps into other, beautiful objects . Each time you buy an item from Jellyfish Plastics, you are preventing plastic lids from entering the environment.

Fundraising Goals

We are currently raising funds for our next Jellyfish Plastics Granulator. The campaign launched on the 16th of July 2022 with our first Book and Plant exchange.

Our current total is $405 (as of 26/8/22),

which leaves us $3595 left to raise.

There will be weekend events at ReMida at different times throughout the year, you can also donate via through 

All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

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Jellyfish Workshops


Jellyfish Workshops: Request a quote

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Workshop Details

To ensure we meet our supervision requirements, you will need to provide; 1 adult helper for every 8 school children; or, 1 adult helper for every 6 early years children.

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