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Important Dates for November 2019 to January 2020

November 28th, Closed Last Thursday of the Month.

December 7th 2019, Last Collection Day, Closed for Christmas.

January 7th 2020, Open for Collections.

Welcome to REmida Perth

At REmida we look past the obvious to find value in the most unexpected places.


Our vision is to create sustainable communities by supporting creative re-use practices.


Whether its materials for school projects, professional developments or workshops and festivals, REmida looks forward to support your creative re-use journey. 

Material Rescue Program

REmida collects clean industrial discards and then makes them available to members or use in the arts and education programs.

Our aim is to divert waste from entering landfill by extending its life through creative re-use practices.

You never know what you'll find on the shelves at REmida, but there is always a great range of items to choose from,


Professional Development

REmida offers a range of PD opportunities for educators, artists, leaders and professionals from a diverse range of occupations.


PDs can be delivered at your location, they are also offered at REmida at different times through the year.

Are you interested in a REmida PD, but can't find what you're looking? You can always request a custom PD by emailing education@remidawa.com


Workshops & Festivals

REmida has an exciting range of workshops that cater for all age groups.


Our school workshop program is based on the STEAM curriculum framework and are all Acer accredited.


REmida also has a dedicated Early Years program and a range of workshops aimed at experiential learning for all ages


Our Location, 1 Prospect Place West Perth 6005

PO Box 340, Leederville 6903

REmida's ABN: 35646563750

Closed  the last Thursday of Each Month for REmida Staff Development



  TUES: 9:00-5:00  WED: 9:00-5:00  THURSDAY: 9:00-5:00  F RI: 9:00-1:00  Sat 9:00-1:00