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Of Giants and Wonder: A Poem

This week, we're offering something a little different. This poem follows a conversation between an educator and a child as they explore what it means to learn and grow together.

Of Giants and Wonder


This world is full of giants in which we both reside;

A place of light and wonder, adventures right outside.

Sometimes, it may seem scary, this much we know is true;

For there was once a time when we were small like you.


Sometimes, my words are broken, I don’t know what to say;

But I can always find myself when I’m lost in play.

You giants sure are funny things; you talk and talk all day;

Why are there so many words in what you have to say?


Life can be a tricky mess, with walls and rules and things;

But it’s also full of stuff to learn, and wonder helps you sing.

Of mice and rice and magic shoes, but that is just the start,

There’s also math and science, literature and art.


So, this is why that I spend some time in places every day;

Where giants try to teach me things with words and books and play?

I’m not sure I'm that sold on what you have to say;

But the giants that I have at home said I had to stay.


Since we're here and share this space, why don’t we make the best;

And partner in our wonder, and give the words a rest.

Learning is a journey, in which we both take part;

And sometimes, what we miss with words, we capture with our hearts.

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