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ReMida's Education Programs

There are four main parts to ReMida's education offerings. First is the STEM and STEAM-based incursion programs for primary and secondary students. Second are the Early Years Play Experiences that cater primarily to children aged six months to four years, the Professional Learning sessions for early years and primary/secondary educators; and lastly, our school holiday program runs for two weeks across terms one and three and three weeks during the summer holiday break in January.

STEM and STEAM Incursions

The incursion program provides a series of curriculum-based STEM and art workshops that run for ninety minutes at your location. These sessions are a great way to embed the learning themes from your classroom or specialist sessions within a sustainably based and highly engaging session. The STEM (STEAM) workshops are delivered as single, double or whole-school sessions, and we can deliver sessions over multiple days for events like Science and Book Week. There is an opportunity to scale the sessions to increase the level of complexity of upper primary and secondary students looking for more of a challenge. For secondary art and design students, we offer an intermediate to advanced art session at  ReMida facilitated by local artists and makers. These sessions unpack the opportunities and challenges in forming an art career alongside a series of hands-on explorations of non-traditional art practices.

Early Years Play Experiences

The Early Years Play Experiences draw on Reggio Emilia's Educational Project to create non-directed materials, play, and exploration. Each session lasts 45 minutes, and material selection is carefully curated to support a fun and safe materials play experience and is delivered at your location. The Early Years program consists of three sessions: free play, exploring textures, and investigating sights and sounds. These small group sessions ensure the facilitator can support the children as they explore the materials and their environment. Please note that these are not maker sessions. If you would like to arrange a custom creative session for your early years centre, we can arrange this as a custom workshop.

Professional Learning

The professional learning program is streamed under two broad categories: the Reggio-inspired sessions covering beginner to advanced levels of knowledge and the Provocation series focusing on using non-traditional materials in STEM (STEAM) activities. The sessions can be delivered at your location, which we encourage for the Early Years sessions, as learning in context is always the more effective approach. You can arrange to have the session hosted at ReMida, which can be a nice break away from the classroom, especially if it forms part of a full day of professional learning. Throughout the sessions, from either stream, much of the time is devoted to exploring how materials can create learning experiences through a series of hands-on learning tasks. We anchor the theoretical content by getting up and moving with the materials. Sessions run between 70 – 90 minutes, and we can group the sessions and craft half or full-day learning sessions.

School Holiday Workshops

ReMida's school holiday program offers a 75-minute 90-minute maker session delivered at your location. These sessions cater to mixed-age groups and are great for out-of-school care services. It is always better to book these sessions as incursions at your location, as this allows for larger sessions. While you can book a session at ReMida, there are a maximum of 20 participants per session, and the sessions occur on set days and times. Please note that while you can book sessions back-to-back at ReMida, only one group of 20 can be onsite at a time. There are two main offerings for the school holiday sessions: Scrap Yard Trolls, which runs for 75 minutes and Mini-Scarecrows, which runs for 90 minutes. Heading into the term two school holidays, we are trialing a new booking system to make it easier for people to select the session that best meets their needs.

And so much more

In the coming weeks, we will share more details about our festival and events program alongside our community-based art sessions tailored for more experienced artists and community groups. In the meantime, check out the updated school holiday program and let us know your thoughts.


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תגובה אחת

30 באפר׳

I love reading about the different ways REmida uses its materials in education settings. My students enjoyed the Junk Bugs workshop and the challenges of learning new joining techniques that didn’t use glue or sticky tape.

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