"Accept the Invitation"

"My sleep, my much needed, long overdue sleep, has been disturbed. You are invited to join me at the Warehousiam to  resolve this inconvenience and restore hope to the Unfortunate."

- Ipso the Vampire -



tickets on sale from Fringe

10th of November

About the show... 

Ipso and the Unfortunate is an immersive theatrical experience based around a treasure hunt-style challenge. As the current guests of the Warehousiam, you have 70mins to find what has been lost and help Ipso take his long, long, overdue nap (no one likes a tired vampire).

Do not be alarmed, it has been quite some time since a guest was eaten

If you enjoy a laugh, the odd jump scare, a beautiful venue, and you're ok with spiders, this will be an evening to remember. 

(Ipso would like me to point out that all evenings are evenings to remember, unless you are eaten by something, which although unlikely is never completely off the table.)

2021 World premiere of 'the crow and the king'

REmida hit the ground running at the beginning of 2021, hosting our first Fringe performance. In an interactive storytelling experience like no other, participants were thrown into the wonderful world of the Warehousium and tasked with assisting in a riddle-led treasure hunt throughout the venue.

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