Welcome to REmida Creative Reuse Centre!

REmida takes a fresh look at waste materials, helping people to see the creative possibility in reuse. Our resources are one-of-a-kind; a unique collection of materials that nurture innovation, creativity and communication.

REmida is a not-for-profit organisation that spearheads educational workshops in creative reuse and sustainability. The team at REmida deliver professional development for teachers and educators, hand-on workshops for children and are a hub for the collection, sorting and housing of an array of unique materials used by artists, educators and community groups.

REmida brings together an eclectic selection of materials from industry that would have been discarded, and re-purposes them for use in artistic and interactive educational experiences.


Educational Workshops

Workshops at REmida are unique creative experiences that will stretch your students to think critically and creatively, whilst raising their awareness about sustainability and valuing waste.

  • Impact on the Environment
  • Junk Bugs
  • Mandala
  • Scarecrow Making
  • Instrument and Sound
  • Funky Puppets
  • Creating Architecture

Play Experiences for Early Childhood

Sensory Learning for 3-5 year olds that builds communication, collaboration and creativity!

Discover the fun of sensory learning using our unique re-purposed materials, and introduce the idea of sustainability through valuing waste to young children. These workshops are ideal for:

  • Day care centres
  • Kindy and Preprimary classrooms
  • Home schooling community
  • Playgroups

Creative Workshops for Festivals and Events

Whether you’re having a small community fair or a large scale festival, REmida offers a variety of unique experiences for your participants.

From interactive sensory experiences to makes and take craft creations, your next festival isn’t complete without REmida. Put the spotlight on sustainability and bring creative re-use to life in your community.


Volunteers; Be the Change You Want to See

Get behind Perth’s vision for a sustainable future by volunteering with REmida. Our volunteers are the heartbeat of our organisation; their passion, commitment and drive for change builds a better future for everyone. If you have a vision for change, then join the change markers at REmida, we’re making it happen!


Do You Have Materials to Donate?

We love to hear from suppliers who have clean industrial offcuts for us to collect. Achieve your targets for sustainable re-use by donating any clean waste products to REmida. We collect in the Perth Metro area, and we’re only a phone call away.


Get Unlimited Access to Materials with a Membership Subscription

We believe in keeping the REmida experience accessible and inclusive with an affordable membership subscription. Membership gives you unlimited use of our unique materials and access to inspiring ideas for putting them to use at home, work or school.


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