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The Synchronicitree

The Synchronicitree is a way to extend messages of hope and wellbeing to people struggling in a COVID and post-COVID world.

Funded by Lotterywest in 2020, the project offers people the chance to connect with others in Perth and around the world in a creative, fun and meaningful way.

The tree, designed and built by REmida's own Dr. Paul will travel to different locations over on 2021 and 2022, and we are hoping for one of  those stops to be Reggio Emilia, which is also very exciting.


Along with the tree are a series of blank cards upon which people are encouraged to write messages of hope and positivity.

The cards and the tree are then collected before moving on to its next location. We gather up the cards and then send them to people as anonymous tokens messages of hope and goodwill, along with a small gift made via our Jellyfish Plastics project.

The first 30 cards, many of which were made during the sculpture's time at Nido Willeton, found their way to the Pilbara and surrounding areas thanks to the support of the YMCA children's services.

So keep you eyes open for the tree and the cards and let's help the Synchronicitree blossom into something truly amazing.