Science based workshops

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There are 4 core offerings within our science program


Build a creature straight out of your imagination. This can be extended to include a literacy element if/as needed.

Living Movement

A focus on insects and animals that move along the ground, includes creatures like spiders, centipedes, mammals and lizards.

Bugs at Large

A great session for upper primary and high school, explores different aspects of how bugs move, eat and live.

Junk Bugs 2.0

Use your imagination to create new and interesting bugs, let your imagination be your guide.

Technology based workshops

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There are 4 core offerings within our technology program


Apply your imagination to build the home, business or school that promotes sustainable designs.

Green Machines

How would cars, trains and planes work in the absence of fossil fuels...let's build some and find out together.

RE-use Technology

Design new recycling centres/businesses and ways to better use items that are currently discarded. This can be extended to include a literacy element if/as needed.

Environments of the Future

Use your imagination to build the world to tomorrow.

engineering based workshops​

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There are 4 core offerings in our engineering program

Wheels and Gears

Get creative and see what you can build that moves.

Marble Runs 

A workshop that can be scaled to meet skill level of your group, it's also loads of fun.

Complex Motion

(two or more moving parts):

Use your imagination to build something with multiple moving parts, great for mid and upper primary classes.

Make it move

It may be a windmill, robot or puppet, but can you make it move?

art based workshops​

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There are 4 core offerings within our arts program

Garden Guru/Scarecrows

A REmida classic and one of our most popular workshops, make a scarecrow for your outside area or classroom.

World Builders

(combines visual arts and story writing) 

A great whole class activity, create a series of characters and build a story around their exploits.


Explore the work of different artists through the use of discarded materials, a great session for mid and upper primary, and high school students.

Loose Parts Puppets

(requires a 2 hour session): 

Another REmida classic, give free reign to your imagination as you build puppets and then use them in a mini puppet show.

math based workshops​

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There are 4 core offerings within our math program


Make a range of simple/complex instruments and use basic patterns of to make some music.

Multi-beats band

Students are encouraged to make different types of instruments and then combine the sounds in a mini-performance,

Math through music

Create some instruments then explore the relationship between math and music, great for middle and upper primary.

Music and motion

Create different instruments and sounds by using body movements as part of the workshop. Great session for pre-primary, early primary and kindy classes.