Professional Learning

These sessions are live-streamed and can be done via Google classroom

The Process

  1. Select the session, beginner - intermediate - advance.

  2. Submit a booking request.

  3. Login to Google classroom for the live presentation.

  4. Complete the post session activities.

  5. Upload your work, photos, tasks to the classroom.

  6. Review feedback, ask questions, and finalise the work.

  7. Receive you certificate of completion.

  8. Continue your journey of life long learning.

Session Prices

Sessions are delivered flexibly, price includes the whole course

Beginner session: $285 for up to 15 educators per cohort

Intermediate session: $325 for up to 15 educators person cohort

Advanced session: $380 per cohort

To ensure the best possible experience, sessions are capped at 30 people.

Reggio in Practice

 3 Modules, Beginner to Advanced

Discover ways in which our image of the child, and the role we play as educators, can empower children to reach their creative potential. A hands on and reflective workshop which aims to break down the challenges educators face when embracing a child-led approach.​

Module 1. Of Giants and Wonder: Introductory Session

This session outlines the core elements of the Reggio Emilia approach and includes a series of hands on activities. This session is ideal for people with no or limited knowledge of Reggio Emilia, or who would like a fun and engaging refresher.

Module 2. Reggio in Practice: Intermediate Session

This session is ideal for people with a good working knowledge of Reggio Emilia who would like to extend their practice further. This session has a strong emphasis on the environment as the third teacher and the role of symbolism within the child's self expression. The session combines theory with a series of hands on activities.

Module 3. Advanced Practitioner Session

This session explores the implementation of short to medium term Reggio inspired projects, at your location. Elements includes; strategies for engaging with your wider community, innovative documentation frameworks, symbolic interpretation and overcoming barriers to implementation/engagement. Please Note: there is a pre-session questionnaire that needs to be completed prior to the session being delivered.

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