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Are you inspired to more actively apply the Reggio Emilia approach in your context?


Our professional development sessions give both new and experienced educators the knowledge and practical skills to incorporate reused materials as an active part of their education setting.

PD sessions are run on an 'as booked' basis, minimum booking size is 5 people, maximum group size is dependent on the session being booked.

"Our task, regarding creativity, is to help children climb their own mountains, as high as possible. No one can do more."  


- Loris Malaguzzi -

Maximise your PD Hours with REmida Perth


The Reggio in Practice PDs cover a range of sessions, that start with an introduction into the Reggio philosophy and progress through to a term long guided project.

There are 3 modules, the beginner and intermediate sessions run for 90 minutes and can be delivered at your location or at REmida. Each session is a mixture of theory and material play. The advanced session runs over 10 weeks and covers a staged Reggio inspired project implemented at your site.

Discover ways in which our image of the child, and the role we play as educators, can empower children to reach their creative potential. A hands on and reflective workshop which aims to break down the challenges educators face when embracing a child-led approach.

Module 1. Of Giants and Wonder: Introductory Session

This session outlines the core elements of the Reggio Emilia approach and includes a series of hands on activities. This session is ideal for people with no or limited knowledge of Reggio Emilia, or who would like a fun and engaging refresher.

Module 2. Reggio in Practice: Intermediate Session

This session is ideal for people with a good working knowledge of Reggio Emilia who would like to extend their practice further. This session has a strong emphasis on the environment as the third teacher and the role of symbolism within the child's self expression. The session combines theory with a series of hands on activities.

Module 3. Advanced Practitioner Session

This session explores the implementation of short to medium term Reggio inspired projects, at your location. Elements includes; strategies for engaging with your wider community, innovative documentation frameworks, symbolic interpretation and overcoming barriers to implementation/engagement. Please Note: there is a pre-session questionnaire that needs to be completed prior to the session being delivered.

Reggio in Practice

3 Modules, Beginner to Advanced Available


Aimed at primary and high school educators, the Provocation Series are hands on PD sessions that look at how REmida materials can be implemented in your setting.


The sessions can be approached generally, or matched against a particular STEM/STEAM series of classes or projects.


The session also includes strategies for grading lessons and incorporating REmida materials as a regular part of your lesson planning. 

Key Areas Covered

Reducing barriers to creative practice;

Working with non-traditional materials;

Navigating tools in an education setting and reasonable adjustments;

Curriculum links and general capabilities; and,

Practical strategies for applying the Reggio approach in your context.

The Provocation Series


Minimum booking is 5 people


5-10 Participants: $30 per person.

11-15 Participants: $25 per person

16-30 Participants: $20 per person

To ensure the best possible experience, sessions are capped at 30 people.

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