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Operational Updates: 30th of March 2020

This page is updated each week, please check back regularly.

Materials Program

  • We have moved to an online Material Collections Platform.

  • Materials will be pre-packed by staff, which you can then collect from REmida.

  • Once you have placed an order, you will be given the option of selecting a collection time, please note, you must collect the items within this time.

Our Education Program

  • Our Festival program is now on hold until the restrictions on community gatherings are lifted.

  • Our excursion program is on hold until the restriction on in door gatherings are lifted.

    • An incursion can be booked, however, the space/distancing guidelines need to be met, this will be included as part of the booking process.

    • Please note, we realise that education centres have suspended all non-essential activities, this provision is in place for when the situation for schools/early years centres changes.

Volunteering with REmida

  • Our volunteer program is on hold until the 8th of April, this will likely be extended through until the end of May 2020.

  • We are unable to process new volunteer applications at this time, thank you for your patience through this time.

Professional Development

  • Our PD program is now on hold until the restrictions on in door gatherings are lifted.

    • Please note, we are exploring an online format for the PDs, if you have any questions please send us an email.

Artist in Residence

  • The residency program is now on hold until the restriction on indoor gatherings are lifted.

  • Artist's are encouraged to express their interest in the program via email.

Professional Services

  • For people requiring support in facilitating at home education programs, we are available for online or over the phone consultation and support.

    • Please note, in many cases advice will be provided free of charge.

    • For more in-depth support, such as longer term planning, a minimal fee may be charged to cover basic costs; this will be assessed on a case by cases basis.