Children communicate, collaborate and create their own learning journey immersed in the look, feel and sound of these extraordinary materials.


Our materials are unique; sourced from local industry these clean off-cuts are re-purposed to provide imaginative learning opportunities.

The Early Year Play Experience is a 45 minute workshop that is designed for 15 students at a time. We suggest that for maximum value book back-to-back sessions for a number of groups in the same venue.

This workshop offers a Professional Development documention questionnaire to be filled in while a REmida facilitator guides your class through the workshop.


REmida offers 3 distinct play experiences that allow children to explore different aspects of colour, sound and motion.


 Our facilitators are always happy to explore ways in which these elements can become an embedded part of your centres pedagogical approach.

The Free Play Experience allows students to interact with a variety of different materials within a fun and creative session.

The Textures Experience encourages students to explore the look and feel of different surfaces as they create their own play based experience.

The Sights and Sounds Experience  incorporates different aspects of motion, music and play as students explore how materials can be used to create a host of different sensory experiences.

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