REmida gathers clean discards and offcuts from industry and businesses, which can be directly re-purposed into a classroom setting.

Is your workplace moving, rebranding or undertaking a larger transition?


While we cannot take furniture, there are many other items that can be directly-repurposed by REmida.

Please send us email and the collections team will be in touch to see how we can help support your environmental stewardship.

We do accept donations of craft materials, dressmaking fabric and other miscellaneous items on a case by case basis.

Waste items, such as gas bottles, old clothes and damaged furniture, are not suitable for our programs.

But what about my stuff from home?

Wherever possible, we support the responsible disposal of unwanted items.

Here are some questions to help you decide if the item is a potential REmida resource.

- Can it be directly-repurposed into a classroom setting?

- Does it require a lot of cleaning before it can be used and, if so, am I willing to clean it so REmida doesn't have to?

- Would I give the item to my kids to play with or use?

- Does the item fall into an arts and craft category?

- Can I see something like my item when I look at the materials pictures?

Have I emailed REmida to see if they can either take the item or point me in the right direction?

Our ability to accept items depends on their overall condition. If an item or box of items needs to be cleaned before it can be used, it is not something we can take.

Before you get ready to donate an item, 

please check the list below.

There are some items we never take:


Gas bottles and cylinders

Light globes

Furniture (we are out of storage space)

Clothes, shoes, makeup, hair brushes

printers/scanners/printer catridges

CD cases (but we love CDs)

Kitchen appliances

Used food containers and takeaway cups (but unused is great)


Broken toys

If you're not sure, a great way to start is with a photo and an email. This allows the collection team to see the item and better support your repurposing efforts.