A Journey Towards the Unexpected...

TheLife and Times of REmida Perth Inc.

REmida has grown from humble beginnings to a visionary leader in sustainable reuse.

In 2004, the teachers and parents of Bold Park Community School collected a 1000 containers of waste materials. These materials became a feature in the artistic installation 'Materials in Dialogue' which was set-up in Forrest Place, in the heart of Perth. This installation inspired the community to rethink waste and discover the endless possibilities of reusable materials.

By 2005 the REmida centre opened at the old Cairne TAFE campus and exhibited the 'Sculptures of Identity'. This body of work highlighted the many expressions of identity from children in the local community. From here REmida began to grow and evolve, building relationships with members, volunteers and suppliers.

In 2008 REmida WA was incorporated and relocated to a larger premise allowing the centre to attract even more enthusiastic members!

Perth's has a rapidly growing community who want to embrace sustainable practises, watch this space as REmida is set to lead the way in creative reuse!