School Workshops Y1-Y10

About REmida’s School Workshops

REmida is Perth’s Creative Reuse Centre. REmida values waste, transforms resources, and builds awareness towards sustainability.

Workshops at REmida encourage young people to build a relationship with waste and to see how useful and inspirational these reuse materials can be. Each workshop is labelled with the appropriate year groups. This is our recommendation only.


Excursions to REmida are a great experience for all involved. Children have two full rooms of unique and colourful materials to use in their projects in the setting of our creative reuse centre.

Incursions to your location are available, we understand that bus services can get costly. We are able to pack great materials for these workshops and come to your location to set up for your chosen workshop. Travel expenses will be added to the workshop cost.



Nadia our Education Coordinator is available to discuss your workshop ideas or you can fill in a booking form.

Additional information about bookings and useful hints to a great workshop experience can be found at the bottom of our Bookings page.


What goes up must come down! ( Year 5-10)

stacked materials


How far can it go? ( Year 5-10)

IMG_5263IMG_5280 IMG_5272


How far can it go? covers the following ACARA curriculum:



Environmental Art Installation ( Year 5-10)

Steve the penguin

Steve the Penguin, whose habitat is melting.
By Wesley College Year 7s











Enviromental Art Installation covers the following curriculum:


Junk Bugs ( Year 1-7)

City of Joondalup School Holiday Program








Junk Bug covers the following curriculum:


Mandala Making ( Year 2-7)









Mandala Making cover the following curriculum:


 Scarecrow Sculpture (Year 3-7)

North Cottesloe Primary School Year 6











Scarecrow Sculpture covers the following curriculum :


Instrument Making ( Year 1- 7)







Instrument Making covers the following curriculum :


Jewellery Art (Year 5-10)

Jelwery website


Jewellery Art covers the following curriculum:


Funky Puppets ( Year 1-7)

Made by a REmida Volunteer- Valerie


Funky Puppets covers the following curriculum:


Creating Architecture Yr 2-10



Custom made workshop for your class.



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