Visitors from Korea

On Saturday REmida had visitors from Korea. Jung-a, Ye-woon, You-young and Nayeon are part of LG Global Challenger 2012 project. Every year, 120 Korean college students in 30 teams are selected to carry out overseas exploration and research projects.

The teams propose research topics related to contemporary issues in science/technology, economics/management and culture/society/environment, and develop a plan to visit certain countries that lead the world in terms of having a more advanced system, policy, practise or institution with regards to the research matter at hand. The program offers a great learning experience for experience for students, as well the opportunity to gain global insight necessary for them to pursue academic and career objectives. Close to 2200 students have participated in this program since 1995.

Nadia and Sheryl were asked many questions over the afternoon relating to education at REmida Perth and the operations of REmida. The Korean team hopes to start a REmida centre in a Reggio Emilia inspired Early Learning Centre in Korea.

Good luck with your project, girls, and hope to see you as part of  REmida global network in the future.


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