REmida is based in the educational philosophies of Reggio Emilia, and these philosophies are reflected in our workshops and other events. We see the child as a person, with their own knowledge and experience to bring to their learning. We consider it important that each child should be able to learn in the manner that suits them, and that children help each other to learn together. Adults are seen as facilitators of this learning, responsible providing the enviroment which enables children to learn, and providing guidance and support as needed.

As such, in our workshops we encourage children to explore the materials in their own way, and to look for their own solutions to the problems they find. We encourage collaborative work and collaborative problem solving.


REmida’s vision is to create a shift in cultural perspectives on waste in WA, towards lifelong awareness and responsibility.Our focus is on giving value to discarded materials, imperfect products and seemingly worthless objects in order to reinvent their use and provide new opportunities for creativity and communication.

By highlighting the beauty and value of materials, their implicit quality and potential, we are reassessing our understanding of what constitutes waste.  By changing community attitudes and practices, REmida promotes attentiveness to the upper elements of the Waste Hierarchy – reuse, avoidance and minimisation.

REmida supports the theory that education should be relevant to the social, environmental and cultural worlds that the individual is immersed in. The bringing together of the arts, schools and local industry is integral to the objective of developing a culture which values its resources in all areas of life.