Our Premises

Thanks to the support of the Department of Education and Training, we have a wonderfully central premises in West Perth, in an old squash court building. Our address is 1 Prospect Pl, West Perth. Here are some tips in finding us:

Find Us

  • We are not actually directly on Prospect Pl – we’re in the middle of the block, between Prospect Pl and Newcastle St
  • We’re between the old church and the tall buildings belonging to WestOne
  • It’s a squash courts, so look for the big rectangular brick building
  • Look at the maps on the Find Us page

A Quick Tour


The Creative Reuse Centre

So, now that you’ve found us, let’s have a look around…


Once you’ve climbed the stairs, you reach The Place (that’s what it says on the sign by the kitchen). Here we have some comfy couches, a light-table full of goodies to play with, and an exhibition space featuring some of our latest materials, and artworks for sale. Start by signing in the Member’s Sign-in Book – we use these numbers for statistics and grant applications and stuff like that. Then proceed to explore further…

REmida's foyer

REmida’s foyer


We have a small kitchen area, with a coffee machine – you can have some, for a gold coin donation. We sometimes have fruit or other snacks brought in by volunteers or members to share. There’s a recycling bin and a rubbish bin under the counter, and a first-aid kit under the bench.

Upstairs room

Off to the right, through the  archway, is REmida’s Art Space. This space is linked to REmida’s Artist in Residence Day Studio and other exhibitions relevant to sustainable art practices.


Available Gallery space at REmida

REmida’s Artist in Residence Day Studio

Before you head down the stairs to the materials rooms you will come across REmida’s Artist in Residence Day Studio, which helps supports the development and practice of new sustainable art forms in Western Australia.


REmida’s Artist in Residence Day Studio


As you head down the stairs you can see the courtyard. We have room for the kiddies to run around, a large musical device, and a garden full of plants and nifty REmida artworks.

On the far side of the courtyard are some stairs, which lead to the toilet block.

Big Room/ Workshop room

Straight ahead and then to the right, you reach the Big Room, where the bigger materials are. These include large cardboard tubes, fabrics, plastics, rubber and leather. The materials and displays change depending on what’s coming in to REmida. You might also want to check out Max’s RemidaScope – a large kaleidoscope with a turning base to put materials on.

This room also doubles up as a workshop room for school bookings and Professional Development Workshops.


Workshop area for creative reuse workshops & the large materials room

Small Room

To the north of the Big Room is the Small Room, which holds the smaller materials. These include paper, stickers, small plastics and bits of wood. These materials also change over time.

This room also doubles up as a workshop room for large school bookings.

Small materials room

Small materials room


Right next to the small room is the Lab, into which you can peer over the half-door with the ‘Staff Only’ sign. This is where we process the materials as they come in – we sorts by colours or sizes or textures, we cut and pile and fold. If you’re nice, the folks in the lab might cut something down a bit so that it’ll fit in your car.

"Staff only" processing room.

“Staff only” processing room.

In any of these areas you might find one of our hard-working volunteers. They can help you find a particular something, or fetch a step-ladder to reach something a bit high up. They work hard to keep the rooms and the materials looking nice – so be nice to them, and try not to make a mess in the rooms!