REmida originates in the educational philosophies of Reggio Emilia, in Italy. Named for the mythological King Midas, REmida encourages a golden perspective on discarded materials. Finding beauty and value in the unexpected, a growing community has embraced the philosophy of revaluing waste materials and educating for a more sustainable future.

In 2004, staff and parents of Bold Park Community School went about collecting over 1000 small containers of waste materials. A ‘Materials in Dialogue’ installation was set up in Forrest Place as inspiration for the endless possibilities of reusable materials.

In 2005, the REmida centre opened at the old Carine TAFE campus with an exhibition of children’s works entitled ‘Sculptures of Identity’, and went on to develop relationships with members and suppliers to grow the REmida concept.

REmida WA was incorporated on August 8th 2008, which coincided with a relocation to its new premises in the Department of Education and Training’s WestOne complex at Prospect Place, West Perth.