About Us

Welcome to REmida Creative Reuse Centre!

REmida collects industrial discards from shops and factories around Perth, and makes these materials available to schools, childcare centres, artists and families. Come and visit us and see what we have to offer; come have a play or lend a hand, bring your kids!

We also run workshops and activities for schools, Early Years programs and festivals using our materials. We offer professional development workshops for teachers about how to use recycled materials in the classroom and other supportive practices to strengthen your learning environments.

Our aim is to encourage children and adults to think creatively about waste materials, finding new ways of thinking about waste.

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More information:

REmida Statistics

Collections of Materials

  • REmida‚Äôs collections are 99% clean industry discards from over 50 regular suppliers in 2011.
  • In 2011 we diverted approximately 320 cubic metres from landfill.


  • In 2011 REmida ran 51 creative reuse workshops reaching 2243 students.


  • In the August 2010 to August 2011 period REmida was involved in 11 festivals with an approximately 2200 people participating in the activities.

Professional Development for Teachers and REmida seminars

  • During August 2010 to August 2011, there were 17 workshops / seminars with approximately 300 participants.

Membership at REmida

  • In 2011 REmida had over 300 members collecting materials with schools making up the highest percentage at 27%.

Volunteering at REmida

  • And finally our centre would not exist without the contribution of our volunteers.
  • In 2011 volunteers contributed 1,251 hours Thank you to all those that contributed.