Donate Materials

What Are We Looking For?

Does your business produce waste that is:

  • Clean
  • Safe for children to play with
  • Comes in multiples (ie – lots of the same thing)


REmida is always looking for new and interesting materials to offer to the community for reuse. If your materials meet the criteria above, contact us about becoming a part of the REmida Recovery Reuse Program. If you’re not sure whether your materials are the sort of thing we’re looking for, just call us!

You can see a list of our current suppliers on our Partners page.

Note: We try to maintain a balanced and varied collection of materials, and have only a limited amount of storage space. So we might not be able to take large volumes or particular materials depending on what we are receiving from other suppliers. But we won’t know for sure till you call us.

How Does It Work?

  • Someone from REmida will come and see you to discuss your materials, frequency of pickups, etc.
  • They will leave you a REmida bin to fill with the materials you’re donating.
  • Every 4 weeks, the REmida volunteer collection team will visit to collect the materials and empty the bin.
  • That’s it! Less waste for your business to deal with, free collection, and a step forward to becoming a more responsible producer and sustainability minded business!