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Getting Here

… can be tricky. Here are some tips:

  • We are not actually directly on Prospect Place – we’re in the middle of the block, between Prospect Place and Newcastle St.
  • We’re between the old church and the tall buildings belonging to WestOne.
  • It’s a squash court, so look for the big rectangular brick building.

View from Newcastle St

Here are some more tips for cars, buses and public transport.

By Car

Parking is available in the carpark on the corner of Charles St and Prospect Place. This parking can be quite full in the early afternoon and you might have to look on Newcastle St or further up Prospect Place.

There are three ways to approach REmida:

From the South:

Charles St heading north

From the East:

When approaching on Newcastle St heading west

From the West:

Newcastle St heading east

From the North:

If you come south down Charles St, you can’t turn right into either Prospect Pl or Newcastle St. Your best bet would be to get onto Newcastle St by some other route and then follow the instructions for an East or West approach.

In a School Bus

Even though Prospect Place has a ‘No Through Road’ sign, it is possible to drive through the car park past REmida and out to Newcastle St without having to reverse:

For buses turning onto Prospect Pl

After turning into Prospect Place, drive past the carpark and take the left turn immediately after the carpark. This road goes straight past REmida and out onto Newcastle St.

For buses turning off Newcastle St

Buses turning off Newcastle St can drive past REmida and go through to Prospect Pl. At Prospect Pl turn right to get to Charles St.

The best parking for buses which are staying is probably on Newcastle St. Buses can also park in front of the church on Charles St, or within the church fence if pre-arranged.

By Public Transport

Bus #15

(map images from Google Maps)