REmida’s Creative Challenge

REmida is starting a bi-monthly Creative Challenge!

Every 2 months we’ll pick a material an invite our members, volunteers, & sponsors to get creative & transform it with the power of their imagination & hands…


 Bring your creations to REmida on or before Saturday 30th August, to be exhibited in the reception over the following two months.

Poster for REmida's Creative Challenge July/August 2014 - Selected Material: Laminex Samples

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A little peek at REmida Day 2014…

A couple of photos from REmida Day 2014, which took place at REmida WA on Saturday 10th May.

The centre was filled with activity – the Land of Another’s Treasure Playspace & Forrest Critters Workshop upstairs, Coil Basket Weaving Workshop & delicious food downstairs, Upcycle Market Stalls & 3D Mandalas in the car park, not to mention the Dress A Dummy for Kids with Cancer Exhibition & Auction.

REmida was able to raise $2000 for the charity No Matter What at the auction to help provide creative holiday programs to children in the oncology ward at PMH.

Thanks to everybody who contributed their time & creativity to make the day happen and to all those who came down to share it with us!

The full album of event photos can be viewed here.

Photo of mannequin, artist, charity representatives & purchasers

“Treemanique” the Mannequin, with Alison & Fiona from No Matter What, Artist Suzanne Pollard, Auctioneer Kero O’shea, & purchasers Jonathon Thwaites, Imani & Lana Derbyshire

Children in action in the Land of Another's Treasure playspace

Children in action in the Land of Another’s Treasure playspace

Facilitator Iona & partcipants at the Forrest Critters Workshop

Facilitator Iona & partcipants at the Forrest Critters Workshop

A range of upcycled jewellery

Goodies from the REmida Volunteers Market Stall!

Group convened for the Dummy auction

The Auction in action!

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REBOOT! will be returning for 2014… Prepare your pieces!

REBOOT! '14 Members Exhibition

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Exhibition at REmida Art Space: Amanda Lin

Amanda Lin was a REmida Artist in Residence during April 2014. Her residency explored the construction of nests, shelters and objects of recreation using REmida materials.

Amanda is an artist and educator with an interest in how we interact with objects and space to define our place in the world.

You are invited to view her resulting exhibition “Nests and Mountains”, at the REmida Art Space until the 31st May 2014 during regular REmida opening hours.

Amanda Lin Exhibition Flyer

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Join us Saturday 10th May for our annual celebration of REmida Day!

REmida Day 2014 will be held on the 10th May this year with activities happening all over the REmida centre. The centre will be open from 12pm to 5pm on this special day.

REmida Day is held annually  in May by the international REmida network to celebrate the infinite possibilities of creative reuse.

There will be creative workshops for all the family, the Land of Another Treasure’s playspace, market stalls from Perth’s forefront upcyclers & delcious food & drink available.

REmida Day 2014 PosterThe key feature of the day will be the culmination of the Dress A Dummy for Kids with Cancer competition. Entries will be exhibited throughout the day and then auctioned at 3pm with all proceeds going to the charity No Matter What, who provide lifestyle enhancing activities to children in the PMH oncology ward.

REmida will also be open tomembers as per usual for material collection. Take this opportunity to bring some new people in to check out the REmida project while it is alive with activity!

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REmida Day 2014: Saturday 10th May

REmida Day 2014 Poster

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Dress a Dummy for Kids with Cancer

REmida Perth is an organisation committed to providing educational opportunities for WA children. Last year we had more than 7000 participants in our educational programs and we expect to cater for more this year.

Sadly, there are some kids who may never experience the joy of making their own critter, bug, or whatever at a REmida event, because they are too ill to take part. We would like those children to have the opportunity to create, so we’ve decided to hold an event to fundraise for them. We can’t help them all, so we’ve decided to go with fundraising for kids with cancer. The charity we’re supporting is No Matter What.

Why No Matter What?

We chose No Matter what because they provide lifestyle improving services for kids with cancer– including art programs – to children who are too ill to take part in mainstream creative activities. That dovetails with what we aim to provide for healthier children.

How We’ll Help the Kids

We’ve decided to raise funds for No Matter What in a typically Remida way.  We have 12 mannequins that we’ll dress up and offer for auction on Remida Day, 10 May.  To add interest and fun to the fundraising, we’re asking our members, volunteers and sponsors to participate and dress a dummy, ideally in teams.  The three entrants whose dummies achieve the best price at auction will each receive a mannequin as a prize. Prize winners will get choice of the prize mannequins in descending order of funds raised.

Mannequins: blank canvases waiting to be dressed!

Mannequins: blank canvases waiting to be dressed!

What Participants Will Do

Participants in this fundraising will:

1.      Have fun

2.      Take part in the draw for selection of dummies

3.      Think up a name for their  dummy

4.      Dress their dummy and prepare it for auction

5.      Publicise the auction and encourage their friends and families to support the fundraising

6.      Be at the auction on 10 May

7.      Aim to get the best price for their dummy

Would You Like to Participate?

If you’d like to participate, please register your expression of interest to telling us (briefly) what your dressing idea is and how many people will be involved.  Be quick, because there are only 12 dummies available.  For more information, please contact Kero O’Shea, our Remida Membership Coordinator (aka the Chief Dummy) on 92275576.

Prepared by:
Kero O’Shea
Membership Coordinator

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Introducing REmida’s next Artist in Residence: Amanda Lin

REmida’s AIR program is excited to introduce Amanda Lin, who will be working in the REmida Day Studion from 18th March until 11th April.

Amanda’s residency will be exploring REmida materials through the construction of nests, shelters and objects of recreation.

Amanda is an artist and educator with an interest in how we interact with objects and space to define our place in the world.

Come take a peek at her works as they progress!

Amanda will then exhibit these works in REmida’s Art Space from 15th of May till the 24th of May.

"Nests" by Amanda Lin. Sculpture created by found materials: lead, paper, copper, fabric & sticks.

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What’s Happening

These are the events that are taking place at REmida or involving REmida in the community over the coming month.

Email us at if you would like to know more about any of them.

Hope to see you at one or more of them! :)

Events @ REmida WA:

  • Thurs 27/2, 5:30pm:     PD for Waste Wise Schools’ Teachers
  • Mon 17/3 – Fri 11/4:      REmida Artist-In-Residence, Amanda Lynn
  • Thurs 20/3 6:00pm:      REmida AGM, with basket weaving workshop                                              by Sheryl Chant & Trudi Bennett

REmida in the Community:

  • Sun 23/2, 9:30am – 4:00pm:     Perth Writers Festival @ UWA                                                                                                   “Timemachine” Workshop            
  • Sun 9/3, 11:30am – 3:30pm:       St John of God Murdoch Open Day                                                           “Junk Bugs” Workshop
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Welcome back to REmida members for 2014!

REmida is back in full swing for 2014 and would like to welcome all its members to come down and check out our revamped materials rooms. GM Douglas Scott put in some hard yards during the Christmas break to rearrange the rooms, liberating more space for more great and diverse REmida materials.

All our staff and volunteers have returned from Christmas holidays, and the first collection run for the year went out today. Some great shiny treasures came back, inlcuding air conditioning ducting (slinkies!), gold foil stickers and metallic card… oooh la la!

Great to see some familiar member faces coming through the door already in our first weeks. Look forward to seeing the rest of you soon!


REmida REvamped large materials room

REmida REvamped large materials room


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