Using REmida Materials


REmida Perth Inc. collects clean, industrial based discarded items from over 115 local businesses. The majority of these items are materials left over from various manufacturing processes.

REmida collects, and receives, a diverse range of materials from carboard tubes through to e-waste and metal/plastic off-cuts.

  It is important to plan your collection needs based around how the materials will be used at your centre, or for your activity.


If you have any questions regarding an item, please speak to one of the staff members who will be happy to assist.


Interested in using rescued materials for your home based art or craft projects?

Are you a student wanting to use materials for your class room?

This membership allows you to collect items for home/personal use.

You are welcome to collect as many times as you like through the year, we just ask that people only take those items they need for their current project.

Yearly Fee: $90


Looking for great STEM or STEAM ideas? Trying to make the most of your budget?

Single class and whole-school memberships are a great way to teach students about re-using items that would normally end up in landfill.

This membership allows you to collect items for your class/school, as many times as you need throughout the year.

On average, a whole school membership equals less than $0.15 per student, per week to access an amazing range of materials.

All fees are yearly, and are valid for 12 months from date of payment.

Single Class: $180

Whole school, under 400 students: $295

Whole school, over 400 students: $365

Recieve the $50 material discount when booking a workshop with REmida.


REmida offers a range of materials and services that support early years programs in centres throughout Perth. 

From setting up play spaces, through to professional development there is a membership category to meet your needs.

This membership allows you to collect items for your centre, as many times as you need throughout the year.

On average, a membership with REmida equals less then $5.00 per child, per year for your centre's art/craft needs.

All fees are yearly and are valid for 12 months from date of payment.

0-35 Licensed attendees: $122

36-51 Licensed attendees: $185

51-80 Licensed attendees: $280

51-120 Licensed attendees: $360

Recieve the $50 material discount when booking a workshop with REmida.

Are you a professional artist, established business or tertiary institution? 

Are you wanting to use re-cycled materials in delivering your progams, services or products?

We have a great range of items, that are always changing.

If you have a particular need or request, then give us a call and we will see if we can find what you are chasing.

Yearly Fee: $305

REmida Professional +

This membership are for high volume arists and crafts people wanting to undertake more adventurous programs.

Yearly Fee: $450



If you would like to access our materials, but your not sure if a membership is right for your needs, people are always welcome to pay on the day.

Prices are set based on the volume and type of material being collected. 



Just email and we will send you a membership form.

You can also contact the office and we can compelte your membership over the phone.

Materials Fair Use Policy

 REmida materials are for use by its members, within the terms of your membership type.

We operate on a trust basis, and appreciate everyone's support in doing the right thing.

Please note the following:

Only the person/persons nominated on the membership form are allowed to collect materials.

Please do not hoard, or collect items you are unlikely to use.

Members are responsible for the safe handling, use, and/or activities, products, instilations etc. associated with their use of any items collected.