Material Rescue and Reuse Program

REmida – Towards a D.I.R.E.C.T Model of Sustainability

'Without a shift in both our thinking and practice, we are unlikely to effect the change we seek.'


Exploring new ways to effect lasting change in existing systems and processes.


Creating new pathways and technologies to support reuse practices in local communities.


Exploring opportunities for minimising reliance on our finite natural resources.


Working with all levels of the community, schools, business and industry to improve waste managment processes.


 We are all in this together, without a cooperative approach lasting change is impossible.


Providing holistic arts and education programs for educators, kids and the community.

REmida – re-framing, re-using and re-inventing!

The vast majority of these materials would have otherwise ended up in landfill; instead they replace the need for new resources in local classrooms, childcare centres, families and community artists.

The REmida team collect materials twice a week, visiting different areas around Perth such as Osborne Park, Malaga, Balcatta, Bayswater, Bassendean, Belmont, & Welshpool.

We regularly receive drop offs from businesses outside our collection areas and perform one-off pickups of businesses that are doing clean outs.

There is a constant flow of ever-changing materials arriving at the centre!

Sustainable Solutions for Communities and Schools

REmida does not sell these materials; instead they are made available to the community through our memberships program. The aim is to provide an economic and sustainable solution to schools’ ongoing material needs and make small budgets stretch far.

Our unique materials are constantly changing so follow us on Facebook to see our current material updates.